Track resident condition changes in real time with Wisdom2Act early intervention tool

When older adults experience a change in health, they can't always recognize it or articulate it to caregivers, and, nurses can't be everywhere to constantly monitor each resident's status. Now they don't have to be.

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A powerful aid to collaborative care

WISDOM2ACT Powered by Eldermark makes it easy for on-site caregivers to record and track condition changes electronically—and in real time—giving clinicians and nurses the data needed to intervene with appropriate care in a timely fashion.

Four easy steps to early intervention:

Observation Caregiver observes change in resident
Documentation Caregiver documents the change on mobile device in real time
Alert Nurse is alerted to change in resident
Action Nurse follows up with care team

Streamline intervention.
Improve outcomes.

Part of Eldermark's innovative Point of Care mobile software, WISDOM2ACT allows community caregivers to use their handheld device to input key resident condition changes the moment they are observed. This early intervention tool enables:

  • Real-time communication from caregivers
  • Early clinical interventions
  • Fewer adverse transition events
  • Effective collaboration among care providers
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Improved care outcomes
Streamline intervention

What's in a name

WISDOM2ACT was carefully developed to record and alert clinicians of categorical changes in:

Skin Condition
Differences Unspecified
2-Step Process: Record & Confirm
Agitation or Mood
Tiredness or Weakness

Curious to Learn More?

Eldermark's team can provide an online demonstration of our Senior Living EHR software at your convenience.

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Thank you so much for the follow up. I was on another Tech call with support this morning on another matter and he took care of that for me too.

Thanks for the follow up and the exceptional customer service. I am very impressed!

Carl, Director of Dining Services Milestone Retirement

You and the rest of the support people at Eldermark are amazing.

Caleb Walker Methodist

Eldermark is a lifesaver. It really helps keep me organized.

Linda Community Relations Director, East Ridge Residence

Wesley was very prompt, helpful and polite.

He took care of the problem right away.


George Valley Memorial Homes

Thank you Robert for getting this resolved for me.

You have been just awesome to work with!

Pat, Feb 2017 Ecumen

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