Simply Connect

Share health data across the only exchange made just for senior care

A powerful Health Information Exchange (HIE) software designed specifically for the senior care industry, Simply Connect makes sharing and obtaining residents’ Electronic Health Records (EHRs)—along the entire continuum of health care delivery—secure, simple and accessible to all.

What is a health information exchange?

A Health Information Exchange, or HIE, is simply the interoperable electronic transmission of health-related information among care providers, communities, vendors and other relevant organizations—all according to nationally recognized standards. The goal of the HIE software is to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide safer, more effective patient-centered care.

What is a health information exchange?

Create new advantages for your community

Simply Connect makes obtaining health care information simple, secure and efficient. By enabling you to share the real-time story about your residents’ well-being with other care providers, the HIE software helps to improve care and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Simply Connect makes information sharing fast and efficient—reducing fax, paper, printing and workflow expenses.

Maintain Privacy

Securely maintain resident privacy both internally and during the transmission of health records to providers and vendors.

Real Time

Retrieve and exchange in-the-moment health data with community care partners, physicians, and state or federal agencies.

Become a Leader

Use Simply Connect to gain a competitive advantage and demonstrate your viability as an important HIE business partner.

A path toward improving care

A path toward improving care

Enhance quality and services

  • Deliver real-time notifications to caregivers, family members and vendors regarding a resident’s care.
  • Transform care data into insight for making better care decisions.
  • Give community physicians direct access to residents’ virtual health record.

Share quickly and securely

  • Moves e-documents from the nurse’s desktop to the virtual personal health record to provide a complete health picture of each resident.
  • Enables quick search for specific resident health data using an individual’s identifying criteria.
  • Provides complete EHR management by scanning paper documents to a cloud repository.
Share quickly and securely

Secure, fast and reliable

All personal health information shared across Simply Connect is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Simply Connect does not store patient medical records. Rather, it provides a secure network for residents’ health providers to share the information that they already store. Simply Connect’s sophisticated, HIPAA-approved data encryption ensures this information stays completely secure during transmission across the HIE software.

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