Eldermark announces the successful release of its first round of Dashboards, enabling real-time monitoring of key performance indicators for its users

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Minnetonka, Minn. — Data powers decision-making in today’s health care industry – from informed care strategies to new and evolving payment systems, data is the engine that makes things go. With the recent release of Eldermark Software’s Dashboards, the senior care industry can now benefit from real-time, comprehensive data reports within milliseconds to aid in enhancing resident care and the bottom line. These mobile-optimized Dashboards are user-friendly and accessible on any hardware device that connects to the internet.

Eldermark has released its first round of Dashboards in Marketing, Census, and Incidents. Among the first Eldermark clients to use and benefit from Dashboards is Ecumen, based in Shoreview, MN. Ecumen, a nonprofit across seven states and is among the country’s largest providers of senior housing and services, is a legacy client of Eldermark. “I love the Dashboards,” reported Ecumen CIO, Larry Jorgensen, “with these [dashboards], not only do we have a powerful new management tool, but with the mobile app we can put that tool in the hands of our leaders and provide them with real-time information.”

Reports from the field of Eldermark’s early Dashboards users include favorite key performance indicators such as:

• Marketing – users access real-time data on sales, revenues, referrals, reservations and more

• Census – marketing and clinical users alike access real-time data on headcount, occupancy trends, length of stay and more

• Incidents – by cross-referencing data on resident incident reports and changes in condition, clinicians can develop best practices in prevention, disease process management, and follow-up services

As data continues to be the engine behind business decisions, the ability for Eldermark clients to customize their daily data reports and access them in real-time allows them to focus on what matters most to the user – to access the top metrics needed to ensure the achievement of operational goals.