Eldermark launches newly remodeled website that provides an aggregate one-stop shop for previewing and purchasing all services and products regarding senior housing care

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Minnetonka, Minn., Oct. 7, 2016 – Online presence is a necessity in this technologically advancing world we live in today. When customers would rather search online than physically purchasing in a store, it is critical to provide current information and create a user-friendly, efficient experience via the web. Due to significant new product releases, Eldermark Software has revamped the original website to include these new products, informational and testimonial videos, the ability to schedule a personal or community-based demo, and many other features. The ability to preview each product and inquire for more specific sales information is available for anybody seeking products tailored for the senior housing industry and demanding quality and support every step of the way.

Eldermark Software has met this need for our customers and inquirers alike with the revamped www.eldermark.com/products website. The one-stop shop provides all desired information on new products such as Cloud Storage, Direct Secure Messaging, Dashboards, Wisdom2Act, eMenuCHOICE, and more. It also contains updated information on all previous products that are still currently available such as Market Minder, Service Minder, Billing, EMAR, and Point of Care for Windows and Apple technologies. All services and products from bedside clinical care technology to billing and general ledger tracking can be researched and demoed with a click of a button.

“Senior living providers need solutions that meet their immediate and future needs, and they need solutions that are easy to implement. Eldermark’s website experience offers complete solutions in an easy-to-navigate environment. The website connects visitors to 15 clinical and operational solutions every senior living provider seeks to achieve their goals in resident care and business success,” states Mark Anderson, Senior Vice President for Eldermark. “Our team is standing by to immediately respond to requests for detailed information and demonstrations regarding all of our technology solutions.”

Eldermark Software values the customers’ ability to make a decision based on personal experience. By allowing potential and current customers the ability to preview videos and information, testimonials from previous customers, and schedule a personal or community-based demonstration regarding the product, Eldermark is providing the consumer with all the tools to make a well-informed decision for their own company. The revamped website reinforces the statement that Eldermark Software is dedicated to saving facilities time and money while raising the quality of care.