Eldermark announces the approval by Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy to provide EMAR, electronic medication administration record technology to all senior living providers within the state.

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Minnetonka, Minn., Nov. 11, 2016 – As of Thursday, November 10th around 3pm CST, Eldermark Software was approved by the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy to provide EMAR technology to its senior living providers across the state. Craig Patnode, CEO and President of Eldermark Software, went before the board and said this of the decision made, “This was a huge ‘win’ for Eldermark Software. Approval from a trusted board of pharmacy means our EMAR is a useful and meaningful tool that will assist communities and pharmacies to achieve their goals.”

The Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy licenses and regulates pharmacies and any other systems that aid in the delivery of medication and requires they maintain a freedom-of-choice practice. The board was established in 1891 and has since assisted in promoting and protecting the public health, safety, and welfare for the state of Arkansas.1

Eldermark Software has successfully coded 16 major pharmacy dispensing interfaces. Senior living providers in Arkansas now have the ability to utilize EMAR with any of the major pharmacy systems already being implemented. The immediate benefit regarding the decision to utilize EMAR is that there is no charge to the pharmacy. Eldermark also trains and supports the EMAR technology with the pharmacy and community.

Eldermark is currently interfaced with these pharmacy dispensing interfaces: Omnicare (Oasis & DX), RNA, AdvancedRX, ComputerRX, RXQ, Prodigy, PioneerRX, Framework, SuiteRX, RX30, FSI (Foundation Systems), QS1, Thrifty White, HBS, and Pharmaserv by McKesson. Eldermark is in the process of coding an interface with All Care Pharmacy.

By interfacing directly with the dispensing pharmacy, EMAR allows the community to access in real-time the resident’s dispensed medication information and completes the resident’s electronic health record. These benefits can now be recognized state-wide in Arkansas.