Dynamic Combination of Technology and Services Integrates Seamlessly with New CRM

Minnetonka, MN – August 22, 2018 – Eldermark, an all-in-one senior living software platform, today announced the launch of a comprehensive marketing automation platform and integrated marketing agency for senior living operators that integrates with its newly introduced CRM. The automation solution combined with the CRM brings unique capabilities and streamlined sales and marketing alignment to senior living operators looking to find innovative ways to boost occupancy and get a better understanding of census trends.

Eldermark has a track record of supporting its customers with tailored operational and clinical consulting, and the launch of the new full-service marketing automation solution and integrated agency expands their legacy of offering scalable solutions for senior housing operators that deliver results. Instead of piecing together a marketing strategy from multiple vendors and solutions, Eldermark customers will be able to access an integrated, seamless sales and marketing solution that provides actionable insights into occupancy trends and census data.

“As an industry leader in customer support, Eldermark is transforming our approach to sales and marketing to align with what our senior housing operators really need and empowering them to be leaders in their markets,” said Craig Patnode, President and CEO of Eldermark. “Our marketing automation and agency allows us to be a true partner to our customers, starting with the fundamentals, really listening to their pain points and goals, and building a solution that helps their organization go above and beyond what they expected.”

Today, most operators have numerous marketing and sales partners which creates ambiguity around actual return on marketing investment. Eldermark’s laser focus on true conversions—move-ins and occupancy increases—and customizable approach to marketing automation and services brings clarity to customers about where investments pay off and where they don’t.

With Eldermark’s marketing automation tool, customers will be able to engage real-time prospect attribution within their CRM, as well as a full-service content management stack that includes nurture campaigns, direct mail and more. New customers will also be able to access a data cleanse, ensuring that all campaign efforts have the biggest impact possible. Eldermark’s Prospector and demand generation tools power a dynamic lead funnel that helps sales and marketing teams zero in on prospects with the most potential right away.

Eldermark customers can also access other professional marketing services, including reputation management, local, regional and national SEO and PPC, social media advertising, recruitment and HR solutions and website development.

About Eldermark: For over 25 years, Eldermark Software has provided an all-in-one senior housing software platform developed by experts and designed specifically to meet the needs of senior housing providers. Eldermark’s fully integrated platform and 24/7 customer care enables customers to focus on providing superior care and on improving outcomes for residents. Truly a full-stack senior living solution, Eldermark provides senior care software and services for census and facility management, care team workflows, sales and marketing and resident safety/ nurse call systems. Learn more at www.eldermark.com.