Webinar: How to Grow in Senior Living

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We spoke with 2 industry leaders and investors who shared their personal journeys and advice on scaling operations and enhancing community performance in senior living.

Whether you're a seasoned operator, an investor new to the industry, or somewhere in between, this webinar offers valuable perspectives on navigating mergers, acquisitions, and management contracts effectively.

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Key Highlights:

  • From Director to Owner: Learn how one seasoned operator transitioned from an Executive Director to an owner of 25 growing properties.
  • Investor Insights: Discover the strategies a new investor implemented to build a successful growth trajectory in the senior living sector.
  • Leveraging Technology and Data: Understand the crucial role of data metrics, software tools, cultural alignment, and IT systems in the success of M&A activities.
  • Optimizing Revenue: Explore methods to identify revenue opportunities and enhance community performance.

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