Success Story: Tealwood Senior Living

Tealwood Senior Living is a senior living community with more than 40 locations across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota that provides a vast array of care options for seniors, from Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care to Short Term Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing. After many years of using a CRM that could not integrate into their health information systems, Tealwood decided to make the switch to Eldermark’s robust CRM that is also integrated with Eldermark’s turn-key marketing services, including marketing automation.

While Tealwood had gathered fragments of very good data from their marketing efforts, the organization lacked the ability to unite the pieces into a single picture that could provide useful information about lead sources for inquiries, what activities actually lead to move-ins and marketing ROI. “With Eldermark’s integrated sales and marketing solutions, I’ll be able to connect fragments of data into a larger picture that enables me to understand exactly how our marketing efforts and spend affect inquiries and move-ins,” said Monica Hunter, Director of Business Development. “It’s an invaluable missing piece to our ability to prove the value of our marketing.”

In recent months, Tealwood deployed a postcard campaign using Eldermark’s Prospector tool. Prospector collects data from website visitors that may be interested in learning more about a community’s services but leave the site before making an inquiry. This information is used to build a mailer campaign to send to those website visitors, prompting more inquiries and increasing website traffic. Incorporating this service helps improve the customer experience by skipping the need to fill out lengthy forms and makes a human connection with the personalized mailer.

“After working with Eldermark to build our integrated sales and marketing solution, I can say that, for many senior living operators struggling to keep up with changing industry demands, marketing automation services like Prospector are likely the missing piece to their marketing success,” said Hunter.

As Tealwood continues to develop their integrated sales and marketing solution with Eldermark, the team anticipates seeing even more positive results. The team is rolling out geographically targeted PPC ads alongside the postcard campaign, and, even without full reporting capabilities yet in place, there is a sense that the uptick in website traffic and conversions correlate with these efforts.

“The ability to integrate our sales CRM with marketing automation is truly a game changer when it comes to maximizing every minute of our marketing time and every dollar of our marketing budget,” said Hunter.

Once the implementation is complete, Tealwood will be using Eldermark’s solutions across more than 30 locations, with plans to add more in the future.

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