In order to make the right decisions for your community, you need the right information, right away.

Eldermark’s integration with Microsoft’s Power BI software provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities​, and allow users to drill deep into the data on identify patterns, gaps, and opportunities.

It provides robust, interactive data analytics for​marketing and sales expenditures that run anywhere, at any time. ​In the wake of COVID-19, it is imperative to track every dollar.

Our software solutions allow you to:

  • Track current ROI performance
  • Understand your cost per lead
  • Forecast ROI performance
  • Gain valuable insights into what type of customers are engaging with your organization
  • Determine what product type has the highest conversion rates
  • Effortlessly convert reporting metrics to PowerPoint, PDF or Excel
  • Quickly identify trends to achieve occupancy goals thanks to robust reporting metrics

Let Eldermark help you get the actionable, up-to-date data you need to make smart, informed decisions that meet your occupancy goals. Schedule a demo with us today.