Senior Healthcare Technology Leaders

Eldermark takes a better approach to senior housing technology: we are nurses, IT professionals, consultants, trainers and customer care experts dedicated to saving facilities time and money while raising the quality of care.

Since we opened our doors in 1992, Eldermark's mission has been to learn all we can about healthcare technology and translate that into the best products for our customers.

Beyond software, we provide consulting, health IT services, hosting and world-class support. Our training center is there for you 24/7 ensuring you get answers, support and expert advice every step of the way. Whether you've been a customer of ours for many years or just days, we are ready to solve whatever may come up in your day.

Our approach has earned us a proven record of success in over 1,200 senior care communities.

Our Team

Craig Patnode President/CEO
Dustin Pease CIO
Denise Weber Director of Development
Mark Anderson Senior VP
Greg Bertagnoli Senior VP Sales
Ben Kelly Senior VP Sales
Greg Robertson Notify™ GM
Natalie Koch Interface Development
Josh Brown Controller
Kellie Hord Operations Manager
Sarah Saxberg Client Support Manager
Katie Selid National Accounts
Tammy Ebeling National Account Executive
Maranda Rollins Regional Account Executive
Siera Toy Regional Account Executive
Melissa McMillan Account Manager
Ashley Sizer RN Software Specialist
Megan Mann BSN Software Specialist
Myriah Kern RN Software Specialist
Jenn Schuh RN Software Specialist
Amy Rogers RN Software Specialist
Jamie Czapiewski RN Software Specialist
Courtney Orth RN Software Specialist
Nicole Robison RN Software Specialist
Abbey Fetzer Project Manager
Tasha Benjamin Public Relations
Ben Walker IT Specialist
Robert Puffe IT Specialist
Wesley Williams IT Specialist
Sara Cameron Software Specialist
Michelle Biegler Software Specialist
Megan Remmick Software Specialist
Tona Sauvageau Software Specialist
Annette Hutzky Support Specialist
Victor Larson Support Specialist
Ross Tordsen Support Specialist

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