Solutions for Activity Directors

Helping activity coordinators keep residents mentally, physically, and spiritually active.

Technology is making it easier and easier to stay in touch with friends and family – no matter where they are. Senior living residents and their loved ones are coming to expect these types of interactions to be readily available at their communities.

Improve your community’s communication skills and boost wellness today. It’s time to implement a social engagement platform that connects your residents, their natural support groups, and your care community workforce in one easy-to-use family portal.

By using senior living engagement technology you’ll be able to design more person-centered life enrichment experiences, enhance your communication, and always know if you’re meeting your programming goals and standards!


94% of families would choose a community with a family portal


Seniors over the age of 64 compose over 20% of the current population


Their expectations for technology use are the highest they’ve ever been

“engage has allowed us even more opportunity to tap into data, learn from those insights, and adjust our programming to best meet the unique needs and interests of each of our residents.


Senior Vice President of Memory Care and Program Services
Large national provider of dementia services in assisted living

Provide Meaningful Life Enrichment Programming and Care Plans

Developing a curriculum that’s personalized to your senior living residents’ care needs and interests will produce measurable results by helping your activity department focus on the key areas of resident activities and engagement – the mind, body, and spirit. That means higher resident satisfaction, happier families, better visibility, and an engagement program that will make your assisted living community stand out when prospects consider living with you.

With engage, your community can:


Provide a Family Portal


Simplify Monthly Calendar Management


Increase Program Attendance of Group Activities


Report on Goals, Assessments, and Results


Scale Your Programs and Special Events


Align Programs and Resident Care Needs

When you leverage a centralized social engagement platform, you’re not just buying new technology. You’re investing in your residents and employees by giving them the tools they need to create personalized programming that will keep everyone mentally, physically, and spiritually active. Recreational programs and group outings improve the overall well-being of your residents while encouraging a sense of community.

Addressing the Challenges of Activity Directors in Senior Living

Activity directors in senior living communities face unique challenges when it comes to keeping residents engaged and stimulated. Finding activities that appeal to seniors with diverse needs and abilities can be difficult. Building programming calendars that meet the changing assessed needs of senior living residents requires the right software and data insights. 

Coordinating a calendar of events with limited staff and resources presents another hurdle. Tracking participation and demonstrating the impact of programming to leadership and families is also critical but time-consuming. Resident mobility issues make event attendance and transportation difficult to manage. And sparse volunteer support places further strain on an already overwhelmed activity department. 

The right resident engagement platform addresses these pain points by providing tools to simplify calendar creation, boost participation through personalized recommendations, demonstrably increase engagement with tracked metrics, and better allocate staff and resources to maximize impact. By leveraging technology to overcome engagement obstacles, activity directors can enrich the lives of every senior in their care.


Track and Measure Your Senior Care Results

Your family portal and engagement platform need to provide insight into your goals, program performance, and resident attendance. With Engage, you’ll have highly configurable dashboards and reports so you can see who is (or isn’t) participating in events, what programs and recreational activities are the most successful, and why your residents love living at your community! And, if you have specific regulatory requirements, you’ll have the tools you need to meet and exceed those programming standards.

Eldermark’s engage platform streamlines communication by providing a centralized platform where residents, families, and staff can connect, share information, view activity calendars, track attendance, and engage in a more meaningful way.

Eldermark's engage is a comprehensive toolkit designed to simplify monthly calendar management, track program attendance, align programs with resident care needs, and more. It empowers activity directors to create engaging, personalized programs for residents.

Eldermark offers highly configurable dashboards and reports that provide insights into resident participation, program performance, and regulatory compliance, helping activity directors make data-driven decisions. ElderSmarts analytics actively provides prescriptive insights and recommendations into which part of your activity programming to adjust and which programs are most effective. 

Eldermark's solutions are suitable for a wide range of senior living communities, including assisted living, memory care, nursing homes, and more.

Benefits include reduced social isolation through personalized recommendations, increased event participation and attendance metrics, simplified calendar management, family portal communication, and optimized staff time and resources. Additionally, they contribute to higher resident satisfaction and retention rates.