Elevate Senior Living Management with Eldermark Solutions

Customized technology for your senior living portfolio.

Are you tired of having to choose between technology that successfully manages your entire portfolio at the expense of your individual assisted living communities? Or decide between solutions with exceptional clinical processes but poor financial management capabilities?

It’s time to start using technology that provides you the level of proactive accountability, analytics, and financial management you need to run your enterprise while still giving your communities the industry-leading back office and clinical wellness solutions they need to manage their operations and provide exceptional full-service resident care.

Eldermark offers a comprehensive operational platform tailored to senior living management.  Our technology delivers measurable ROI in workflow process improvement, revenue capture, business development, and clinical outcomes.


Increase overall service revenue by up to 40%


Provide revenue-producing activities at least 85% of the time


New communities can become profitable in their first year

“We started with Eldermark and then our company was purchased by a new management company who wanted to use PointClickCare. We used it for about 8 months and found it was not working well for assisted living at all. We were very happy to switch back to Eldermark!”


Accounts Receivable
Large national provider of assisted living services

A Unified Solution for Senior Living Business Management

Most technology packages for management companies focus on the financial aspects of running multiple businesses and let the clinical needs fall by the wayside. When you partner with Eldermark, you’ll be able to connect your entire portfolio and effortlessly manage every aspect of your enterprise in one system – from financials and reporting to marketing and sales to clinical care services and resident safety.

Plus, you’ll be working on a truly interoperable system that can seamlessly integrate with your existing GL solutions to create efficiencies for your management team and all of your operating and care provider stakeholders so they can deliver even higher-quality care to your residents.

Data Insights and Efficiency Gains

With Eldermark, you can aggregate data across community sites to get a holistic view of your operations:


Overall and Community-Level Financials


Performance Against Clinical and Census Goals


Marketing and Business Development


ROI on Investments


Unrealized Revenue Streams


Robust Dashboards and Reporting

When you leverage a cohesive, interoperable technology platform, you’re not just buying software. You’re making an investment in your portfolio, your staff, and the residents that depend on you. You’re making it easier to aggregate data across your enterprise, you’re gaining insights into potential issues before they have an impact, and you’re giving your teams the tools they need to provide exceptional care that stands out in the market.


Uniting Financial Insight and Clinical Outcomes

It’s critical for you to be able to leverage data from across your entire portfolio to inform business decisions and align your technology with organizational goals so you can drive a significant and measurable ROI. But when you use a great financial package that doesn’t give you the solutions your communities need to meet their clinical goals, you’re not able to truly maximize your investments.

That’s why we’ve specifically built our solutions for senior living instead of trying to make them broadly applicable to any healthcare or long-term care facility. It’s designed to support your growth plans and financial targets at the executive level along with the clinical performance of each of your communities.

Comprehensive, Connected, and Configurable Solutions

Eldermark provides the comprehensive, connected, and configurable solutions required for executive-level growth plans, financial targets, and clinical performance improvement across your senior living communities.

Eldermark is a comprehensive operational platform designed with the needs of senior living management in mind. It offers measurable ROI in improving workflow processes, revenue capture, business development, and clinical outcomes.

Eldermark can help increase service revenue, on average, by up to 40% through efficient operations, lead generation, and improved financial management.

Eldermark is tailored specifically for the senior living industry. We are built from the ground up by senior living experts, staffed by former senior living operators and managers, and have a dedicated team working to support the industry. By offering a unique balance between financial insight and clinical outcomes, Eldermark is ideal for senior living management.

Eldermark's interoperable system has the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing solutions, including your General Ledger (GL), creating efficiencies for your management team and care provider stakeholders.

Eldermark provides 24/7 senior living industry expert customer support and access to an extensive training site with over 800 lessons, ensuring your team has the resources and assistance they need.

To get started, schedule a demo, and our team will guide you through the onboarding process, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum benefits for your portfolio.