Industry Leading Software and
Predictive Analytics

Increase revenue, enhance care, and create more meaningful resident outcomes with data-driven insights.

Implementing a comprehensive technology solution built for the business of senior living will help you identify missing revenue, streamline operations, eliminate errors, and provide even better care. 

And when you layer actionable insights across your software suite, you’ll gain better insight into your performance against your financial and occupancy goals, improve the safety and satisfaction of your residents and staff, and finally get ahead of the flood of issues you face every day.

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Residents' payments received in 1 deposit each month

Hours saved annually from reporting alone

Undocumented services captured each quarter


Time spent on revenue-generating services

The Eldermark platform is a growth engine that will help your community optimize revenue, increase occupancy, simplify management, and improve service.

Optimize Revenue

Seamlessly connect your entire community, empower your staff to work more efficiently, and generate a holistic view of your community’s financial performance to get the proactive insights you need to streamline your operations and optimize revenue. By connecting your back office with your clinical solutions, you’ll eliminate duplicative work and manual errors and create total visibility into the health of your residents and your business.

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Increase Occupancy

Take advantage of the industry leading CRM and Marketing Automation solutions that enable you to generate new leads, increase move-ins, and reduce your costs for inflated referral fees. And by combining these tools with your clinical solutions, you can effortlessly generate the assessments, service plans and schedules your caregivers need without the risk of errors associated with redundant data entry or the pain of paper notes.

Simplify Management

It’s impossible to create a cohesive strategy for your community when you’re using different solutions for your clinical, marketing, and back-office workflows. But when you consolidate those onto one integrated platform, you’ll make it easier to hit your financial and occupancy targets by proactively managing your community instead of constantly trying to fight the fires that pop up.

Improve Service

With your residents’ health and safety at the forefront of everything you do, it’s critical to have a solution that not only helps you track and manage that but continues to improve it over time! With Eldermark, you can centralize the data you need across your community to eliminate errors, ensure the right people always have the right information, and stay both compliant and audit-ready with automatic recordkeeping.

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