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    Caregiver Management Software for Senior Living Nursing Administration

    Provide stronger care services and better experiences for residents

    Disjointed, disconnected solutions make it challenging and time-consuming to provide exceptional care and see everything about your residents in a single location. Just think about how much time you’re wasting navigating multiple applications that you can’t spend on your residents.

    By leveraging our comprehensive, purpose-built all-in-one management system solutions we’ve created for senior and assisted living communities, you can easily centralize, streamline, and automate your workflows giving you more time to focus on your residents’ health, safety, and point of care.


    Improve resident and employee safety, satisfaction, and health


    Simplify invoicing, messaging, assessments, care plans, medication, and client management


    Save time while eliminating manual errors

    Start centralizing your clinical and back-office data to streamline your operations and create total visibility into the health of your residents and your business.

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    “I can honestly say I have NEVER had a bad experience with Eldermark. Your team is wonderful and again I cannot say enough about the assistance and kindness of everyone. It is truly a pleasure to work with you and your team. The timeliness and effectiveness has been phenomenal and I would recommend Eldermark to anyone!!!!!”


    Michelle A. Guarnieri RND, BSN
    Opal Manager at The Linden at Woodbridge | A Leisure Care Community (December 2021)

    Simplified, quality care creates better experiences

    You need a solution that will simplify and centralize your caregiving needs and eliminate paper processes so you can work more efficiently and focus your time and energy on what truly matters – delivering superior resident experiences! Our platform lets nurses and caregivers do even more by connecting all of your residents’ care information into a single, easy-to-use solution. This eliminates redundant, time-consuming data entry and exhausting paper trails.

    With Eldermark’s user-friendly software integrations, you can improve your residents’ and employees’ safety, satisfaction, and health by:

    Centralizing All Care Information, while remaining HIPAA-Compliant
    Accessing Our Support Team 24/7
    Receiving Notifications on Flagging Potential Errors
    Manage Medications in Real-time
    Document Caregiver Scheduling with Scheduling Software 
    Eliminate Paperwork Processing and Human Error

    Benefits for Nurses and Caregivers

    When you leverage a centralized technology platform for all your caregiving needs, you're not buying software. You're investing in your employees and residents by making your critical tasks like med pass, assessments, and service tracking a safer, more reliable experience.

    Simplify Administrative Tasks

    As a nurse or caregiver, your daily routine often involves a mix of caregiving and administrative duties. Eldermark's senior living management software simplifies the administrative aspect of your work, eliminating the need to navigate multiple applications. This allows you to dedicate more time to your residents' health and safety.

    Reduce Medication Errors

    Medication errors are a critical concern in healthcare. Eldermark's software empowers you to manage medications in real-time and track changes in care plans,  minimizing the risk of errors and enhancing resident safety. This not only reduces the time your team spends on manual tasks but also ensures accurate medication administration, fostering a safer environment for your residents.

    Free Up Valuable Time

    Eldermark's intuitive, user-friendly software saves you time and effort by eliminating redundant data entry and paperwork. With a reduced administrative burden, your team has more time to interact with residents, providing them with the care and attention they deserve.

    Enhance Symptom and Incident Tracking

    Eldermark's comprehensive solution goes beyond administrative simplification, it also enhances your ability to track symptoms and incidents effectively. With our software, you can keep a close eye on residents' health, allowing for proactive care and early intervention.

    Improve Caregiver Retention

    A happier, more efficient nursing and caregiving team is more likely to stay. Eldermark's solutions contribute to increased caregiver retention by reducing burnout and stress associated with administrative burdens.


    Powerful technology and  personalized support for your business needs

    Getting the right technology implemented at your community is just the first step. It’s just as important to have the proper training, resources, and support you need to get onboarded quickly and ensure your technology can grow and adapt to your needs over time.

    Our team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your software. You also have access to an expansive training site with dedicated learning paths for each aspect of our system. With a growing collection of over 800 lessons currently available, your team always has access to the information they need to work effectively.

    Plus, we’ll provide you and your team with live training webinars run by our certified nurses every month. From Eldermark overviews for new employees to deep-dive sessions into specific features, there’s always something for you to learn!

    Eldermark’s software is designed for managing common senior living caregiver tasks. It’s a comprehensive platform designed to simplify administrative tasks, centralize care plan information, and improve resident care. It benefits nurses and caregivers by reducing administrative burdens, minimizing medication errors, and enhancing resident safety.

    Yes, Eldermark's software is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring the security and confidentiality of resident data.

    Eldermark's software provides real-time medication management, administration tracking, and documents changes in a resident’s care plans or prescriptions, allowing healthcare professionals to track and administer medications accurately. 

    The software centralizes all care information, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple applications. This simplification reduces administrative burdens, saving time and allowing healthcare professionals to focus on resident care.

    Eldermark provides an expansive training site with over 800 lessons and expert technical support. Users can access learning paths covering various aspects of the software suite.

    Yes, Eldermark's caregiver management software is designed to cater to the needs of both senior living and assisted living communities, providing solutions that streamline caregiving across various care settings.

    Scheduling a demo is easy. Simply click the "Schedule a Demo" button on this page, and our team will guide you through the process of discovering how Eldermark's software can transform your caregiving experience.