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    Introducing the NEXT Generation of Senior Living Software

    Eldermark NEXT is an end-to-end, modern, intuitive software platform purposely built for today's senior living team.

    See how your team can upgrade to a new software experience.


    More than a software solution, Eldermark NEXT is about giving you:


    More revenue/resident each month


    Admin work back each month


    Reduction in agency-staffed hours

    What Eldermark NEXT’s end-to-end technology can do for you

    Senior living teams experience issues with using systems from multiple software providers. For example, some organizations partner with one provider for EHR, one for EMAR, and another for marketing. Typically, those solutions are not designed with senior living work in mind. That leads to communication gaps, data disruptions, missed revenue opportunities, and a lower level of care.  

    That’s where Eldermark NEXT comes in — we offer a tailored, end-to-end experience. Our solution allows you to bring all of those software needs under a single platform designed specifically for the needs of any senior living business, large or small.



    Don’t just take our word for it

    Eldermark NEXT has already impacted several senior care communities across the nation. In fact, insights from our platform recently helped some of the largest senior living operators in the Midwest generate an additional $61,000 in monthly revenue, improve care, rely less on expensive third-party referrals and staffing agencies, all while the care they provide. 

    Some of the top senior living directors and executives have praised Eldermark NEXT for the way it has changed their businesses, and how Eldermark has considered their feedback when designing NEXT every step of the way. See what they had to say.

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