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    What Senior Living Directors & Executives Are Saying About Eldermark NEXT

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    Cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing the senior living industry. Many assisted living and memory care communities use tools like artificial intelligence, the cloud, and data analytics software in their daily operations. Some communities have even experimented with telehealth robots and virtual reality activities for residents. These innovations allow providers to deliver faster, more personalized, and higher-quality resident care. 

    Eldermark has pioneered this technological transformation with its ground-breaking senior living software solutions. We're taking another leap forward into the future by launching a new platform: Eldermark NEXT. This software suite uses next-generation technology to help communities take their performance to the next level. Discover some of the top features of Eldermark NEXT and learn what senior living leaders have to say about this exciting advancement. 

    Top Eldermark NEXT Features According To Senior Living Community Leaders 

    The needs of senior living communities change over time, and you need software that can keep up. Eldermark NEXT responds to these evolving demands and ensures you have the latest technology at your fingertips. This platform modernizes the Eldermark software suite, making it easier to manage every aspect of your operations. 

    Here are three top features of Eldermark NEXT, according to senior housing leaders. 

    Designed Based on Client Input 

    "Eldermark NEXT is truly the next generation of where we're heading in terms of the modern era of our software and driving true value every step of the way to be successful. Eldermark has always had [client feedback] as part of our DNA — we've always taken customer feedback and translated that into great products." – Jaime Ojeda, Chief Executive Officer, Eldermark 

    Client needs and preferences drive every step of the innovation process at Eldermark. We listen closely to senior care providers to find out exactly what you need to provide the best resident care. As a result, Eldermark NEXT has many features that cater to the unique needs of assisted living communities, including: 

    • Automatic data backup to secure cloud storage 
    • Electronic medication administration record (EMAR) with barcode scanning and pharmacy integrations 
    • Forms to report and investigate incidents 
    • Full demographic records for all residents 
    • Medication lists 
    • Shared community settings
    • Compatible with Android and Apple devices 
    • Webinars to help you improve performance 

    Eldermark is rolling NEXT out in two phases so we can collect user feedback throughout the process. All clients currently have access to Release 1. We're now trialing Release 2, which offers additional features–with early adopters. These communities provide feedback throughout the product development cycle so Eldermark can make changes quickly. 

    Many senior living leaders have lauded Eldermark's focus on customer input. Lifespark VP of Operations Amanda Johnson reports that "through this process, Eldermark NEXT has been very careful to include the customer voice." 

    Similarly, Kristi Testa, Director of Clinical Revenue at The Goodman Group, states, "We've had a lot of feedback, and they've been very open to hearing everything we have to say." By actively seeking client input, Eldermark aligns its software with the real needs and priorities of senior living communities. 

    Easy Navigation 

    "This is the cleanest and simplest interface I've seen for any Electronic Health Record." – Mark Strzyzewski, Director of Business Intelligence, Walker Methodist  

    As former senior living providers, we get it: You're busy. You have a constantly growing to-do list and residents who demand your attention. You don't have time to waste trying to navigate clunky software or poring over instruction manuals to figure out how to perform functions. 

    That's why Eldermark NEXT includes a brand-new user interface designed for maximum accessibility and convenience. Any staff member can get the hang of this intuitive layout and start using the software with minimal training and stress. This feature also reduces documentation time and boosts productivity so that you can accomplish more during hectic shifts. 

    Top senior living executives have praised Eldermark NEXT's simple, user-friendly interface. "It was good to see how easy it was to navigate," John Oliver, Senior Director of IT at Ecumen, stated after participating in an Eldermark Innovation Lab workshop. 

    Seamless Integrations 

    "Eldermark NEXT is going to bring our teams to a new level of integration and ability to operate smoothly, have better transitions, and ultimately take better care of our residents." - Amanda Johnson, VP of Operations, Senior Living, Lifespark 

    Assisted living communities have increasingly complex technological ecosystems. You may use one software solution to handle move-ins, another to manage electronic health records (EHR), a third to track point-of-care services, and so on. These tools can malfunction if they don't integrate properly or force staff to duplicate their work in multiple systems. 

    Eldermark NEXT integrates all your technology in a convenient, all-in-one platform. As Amanda Johnson observes, this comprehensive software solution offers a "new level of integration" never before seen in the senior care industry. You can integrate Eldermark software, Microsoft tools, pharmacy systems, and other tools effortlessly. 

    Integrating software in Eldermark NEXT allows you to access data from across your community in a single cloud-based platform. These technologies sync in real time, giving you the latest information about residents.

    Other benefits of software integration for senior living operators include: 

    • Streamlined workflows
    • Get a holistic overview of residents, staff, and operations
    • Fewer data entry errors
    • Increased data security
    • Speedier and more accurate billing 
    • Extract more meaningful data insights with ElderSmarts 

    Time-Saving Functions 

    "It's going to free people up to get their documentation done with more ease, with more accuracy, with the most important thing being providing resident care." – Diane Umayam, VP Health Services, Leisure Care 

    Eldermark NEXT saves time by making routine tasks more efficient and simple. Staff can increase productivity by using this innovative platform to: 

    • Compile resident information and care plans into accessible dashboards
    • Create automated notifications 
    • Gather resident data with questionnaires 
    • Generate service agreements 
    • Manage schedules 
    • Monitor risk 
    • Request automatic prescription refills 

    Learn More About Eldermark NEXT 

    Senior living leaders have found much to love about Eldermark NEXT, but you don't have to take their word for it. If you're already an Eldermark customer, schedule a demonstration and learn more about migrating to Eldermark NEXT. Don't wait. Discover how this platform can help you increase your bottom line, improve resident outcomes, and reduce staff burnout now.

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