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Ebenezer Senior Living Increases Monthly Revenue by $61,000 per Location Through Eldermark Optimization Program

Proprietary ‘Business Model Design’ process supports senior living stability and profitability, despite market challenges 

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., October 11, 2022 – Eldermark, the leading operational and healthcare technology provider for the senior care industry, today revealed results of its Business Model Design (BMD) toolset to help elder communities realize additional revenue to better compete in the new era of senior living. Through participation in the program, Ebenezer Senior Living, one of the Midwest’s largest senior living operators, is generating on average an additional $61,000 in monthly revenue for each of its assisted living and memory care communities. 

Eldermark’s BMD process takes a deep dive into all segments of operations and services and uses a “True Cost of Care” analysis to ensure organizations are getting paid appropriately for the services they provide to their resident customers. The process reviews the organization’s current business and service model, identifies opportunities for new services and programs, right-sizes pricing, and leverages Eldermark software and analytics to drive automation, clinical care and financial results.  

"Eldermark is a true partner to communities like ours that strive to overcome challenges and realize next-level revenue goals while providing the highest quality services to our residents,” said Todd Willett, Ebenezer’s Chief Financial Officer. “Senior care operators are still dealing with issues caused by the pandemic, and this process has improved our financial stability so we can continue to care for the people who rely on us in the future.” 

The BMD process is suited to work with any service model and any size senior living organization. Whether managing multiple sites or a single center, senior care operators utilize the process to design a business model that aligns with their goals, resident needs, and services provided. This proven program combines consultation and software solutions to help communities evolve, thrive and prepare for whatever challenges they might face. 

Jaime Ojeda, Chief Executive Officer at Eldermark, added: “Ebenezer’s commitment to the program and willingness to evaluate current operations enabled their organization to achieve compelling revenue-boosting results while providing best-in-class care for their residents. We enjoyed partnering with the Ebenezer team to improve their offering for their resident customers – they embraced the process and software solutions that ultimately enhanced both their services and profitability.”  

For more details on Ebenezer’s success story and the tools that made it possible, grab a copy of the eBook here.  

About Eldermark 

For nearly thirty years, Eldermark has empowered senior living leaders to centralize their clinical and business operations onto one platform, revolutionize care models, capture new revenue and proactively manage their communities. Eldermark’s end-to-end solutions enable organizations to work more efficiently and achieve financial objectives — all to focus on what truly matters, delivering superior healthcare outcomes and resident experiences. To learn more, visit Eldermark.com.

About Ebenezer 

Ebenezer is Minnesota’s leading senior living operator, providing services and care to older adults for over 100 years. The care, programs and culture of Ebenezer’s communities and programs are guided by its mission, values and signature Cornerstones. Ebenezer helps older adults and others make their lives more independent, healthful, meaningful and secure. Ebenezer enthusiastically encourages every member of its communities to learn and grow no matter their age or ability. As a compassionate and trusted ally, Ebenezer is dedicated to enriching lives to the fullest. To learn more, visit Ebenezercares.org 

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