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Eldermark Partners with Peerlytics for Infection Control Management in Senior Living Communities

Software Tool Enables Senior Care Compliance with Increased Control and Tracking Measures

SAINT PAUL, Minn., Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Eldermark, an acclaimed healthcare technology provider for the senior care industry, today announced a new partnership with Peerlytics designed to help senior living communities better manage infection control and antibiotic stewardship for their residents.

Assisted living providers are increasingly required to follow the same regulatory requirements for infection control management as skilled nursing providers. For many senior living organizations, this is a new and challenging undertaking. Eldermark's integration with Peerlytics Infection Management & ABX Stewardship offers easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage workflows supported by technology that works to support, guide, and operationalize the infection control practices by the provider community.

"COVID has reminded all of us how important infection control practices and procedures are and the roles they play in maintaining a safe and healthy environment in congregate housing settings like assisted living," said Mark Anderson, LALD, Chief Client Officer at Eldermark.

"Senior care providers need effective tools and resources to best operationalize and manage their infection control practices. Eldermark's integration with Peerlytics technology connects our clinical care platform to infection control and antibiotic stewardship management tools that enable and support the clinician in satisfying internal policy and procedure requirements, regulatory authority requirements, quality assurance goals, and most importantly, the expectations of the resident customer."

Peerlytics Infection Management & ABX Stewardship technology will be integrated with Eldermark's ServiceMinder clinical module to provide a real and meaningful solution to senior living communities. Infection control and antibiotic stewardship practices are more effective when data-driven. The Peerlytics technology offers analytics and data for evidence-based decision making and practice management that save clinicians time and increase efficiency. The technology also offers data visualization through real-time electronic mapping of identified infections on a schematic map of the senior community.

"Senior living providers do not have the capacity to reimagine how they work each day, nor should they have to," said Christina Haeg, Peerlytics account executive.

"Our partnership with Eldermark allows providers an add-on service to a timely, yet extremely important component of caring for seniors: infection prevention. Through this integration, we are seamlessly combining Eldermark's powerful EMR with an intuitive, user-friendly infection tracking and trending software. Partnering with Eldermark lets us grow the provider-to-provider expertise and quality of care that Peerlytics can now bring to senior housing."

Learn more about Eldermark and Peerlytics at Eldermark.com and Peerlytics.org

About Eldermark

For nearly thirty years, Eldermark has empowered senior living leaders to work more efficiently, capture new or missed revenue, and proactively manage their communities. Our technology solutions can help you deliver a measurable ROI on workflow process improvements, work more efficiently, and generate actionable insights so you can focus your time, energy and money on what truly matters – delivering superior resident experiences. To learn more, visit Eldermark.com.

About Peerlytics

Protecting senior patients from infection takes an all-hands-on-deck effort, one made easier by a few strokes of the keyboard using Peerlytics. As the leading infection surveillance and antibiotic stewardship platform for long-term care, Peerlytics Infection Management & ABX Stewardship uses evidence-based criteria and a simple dashboard to provide turnkey reports for real-time results. Developed by senior living and care operator Ecumen, Peerlytics lets senior communities maintain regulatory compliance, maximize efficiency, focus care and resources, and provide the best outcomes. To learn more, visit Peerlytics.org


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