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Eldermark Partners with Simply Connect

It’s a New Day in Senior Living

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Eldermark, the all-in-one technology platform for senior housing, announced today its partnership with Simply Connect to establish the importance of the care team and to offer a personal health record (PHR), which focuses on secure text, secure video, actionable alerts and family engagement.

“In Eldermark’s integration with Simply Connect, the barriers to effective and efficient communication between members of an individual’s care team are broken down through secure channels of actionable alerts,” said Eldermark’s Senior Vice President Mark Anderson. “Ask any healthcare professional and they will tell you that a primary roadblock to timely, informed care decisions is a lack of real time data and timely communication between care team members.”

“We are thrilled to add Eldermark to our growing list of partners who see how Simply Connect is revolutionizing the health care industry,” said Simply Connect CEO Craig Patnode. “They see what so many in this space are coming to realize: That the power of the care team is essential in providing efficient care to patient populations while simultaneously allowing providers to be more effective and profitable in their professions.”

Eldermark is a leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) and healthcare technology solution for the senior care industry and partners with senior communities to develop a comprehensive, mobile-friendly healthcare software platform that saves time and money while raising the quality of care.

While senior living facilities have traditionally relied on outdated modes of communication such as the fax machine, Simply Connect has developed a platform that will reform and remodel the future of senior living.

Simply Connect’s care management platform, supported by their patient opt in/out platform, integrates seamlessly with provider networks to improve care coordination through the use of automated actionable alerts and secure messaging. Care coordination is essential for optimizing an individual’s care and, empowering individuals to live more independently while reducing the overall cost of care.

The partnership between Eldermark and Simply Connect will bring a new look to the future of senior living. The two companies are excited to see the success and value that that the two can bring to the table together. The goal and mission is to keep moving forward and making advancements for the senior living industry.

About Eldermark

For over 25 years, Eldermark Software has provided an all-in-one senior housing software platform developed by experts and designed specifically to meet the needs of senior housing providers. Eldermark’s fully integrated platform and 24/7 customer care enables customers to focus on providing superior care and on improving outcomes for residents. Truly a full-stack senior living solution, Eldermark provides tools and services for census and facility management, care team workflows, sales and marketing and resident safety/ nurse call systems. Learn more at Eldermark Software

About Simply Connect

Simply Connect is a comprehensive care management platform that combines a robust cloud-based Personal Health Record (PHR) and mobile app to enable the safe, efficient sharing of patient health information with the patient and all members of the patient care team.

The Simply Connect care management platform, supported by a patient opt in/out platform, integrates seamlessly with provider networks to facilitate improved care coordination through the use of actionable alerts and secure messaging. Care coordination is essential to optimizing patient health and quality of life, empowering patients to live more independently while reducing the overall cost of care. Additional services available through the Simply Connect care management platform include medication therapy management, pharmacogentic testing, telehealth, and nonemergency medical transportation scheduling. For more information, visit Simply Connect

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