On-Demand Webinar:
Making the Most of Your Senior Living Digital Marketing Budget

A Special Case Study Webinar: Mount Angel Towers' Success Story

With a limited marketing budget, which digital marketing strategies do you take on? What will produce the highest ROI and help you accomplish your goals? With fluctuating occupancy rates across our industry, you can't afford to not spend your marketing budget efficiently

At SMASH Senior Care Marketing & Sales Summit 2022, Eldermark was joined by Stefanie Fenton, owner and operator of Mount Angel Towers - we presented this case study to senior living marketing leaders across the country. Now you can watch this recorded on-demand webinar of her presentation at any time.

In this encore webinar presentation, see how her team used the latest digital marketing software and data insights to develop the right-fit marketing strategy.

Explore how a senior living team can overhaul or fine tune marketing investment, what steps an organization like yours took and the big impact these changes can make.

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