On-Demand Webinar: ePay Security

Why Collecting Checks is a Security Risk for your Community

Your residents and their families trust you with their most confidential information and personal records, including their credit card data. That’s why we want to help demystify the inner workings of online payment processing, the security risks involved with accepting paper checks, and how an integrated solution helps protect you and your resident’s data.

In this webinar, you’ll learn why the American Bankers Association recommends moving away from paper checks entirely and how you can easily set up a safe, secure and convenient portal to process resident payments.

In short, you’ll want to attend this webinar if you are:

  • An operator, a business office manager, or IT professional looking for more secure ways to collect payments
  • Wanting more information on how ePay protects your resident’s data
  • Interested in learning how to communicate the importance of payment security with your residents and their responsible parties

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Meet our Presenters:


Mark Anderson, LALD

Chief Client Officer



Ricky Dunbar

Senior Director - Partner Success