Payments Processing

Simplify your senior living community’s operations and deliver a safe, convenient payment experience for your residents. 

Eldermark’s ePay helps ensure your senior living community is maximizing its platform investment. Give your residents the ability to pay how they choose quickly, easily, and securely.

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Return Time To Your Day

With ePay, payments are integrated directly into your Eldermark platform – simplifying the payment experience for your residents. Consolidate your payments ecosystem and accept multiple forms of payment with ease. Designed to simplify and free up your time so you can focus on providing exceptional resident experiences.

Get Paid Quicker

Your cash flow will increase when you don’t have to wait on slow forms of payment like checks in the mail. Streamline your payment experience by empowering your residents and their natural supports to pay online – the way they want to pay. 

Grow Your Senior Living Community

Watch your community grow when you provide faster, more convenient payment options. ePay is designed to grow with your community through its transparent pricing and robust technology, saving you time and simplifying your payment collection experience so you can focus on the needs of your community and residents.

Flexible Payment Options

With credit, debit, and ACH processing, you can accept payments anytime and anywhere. By allowing you to accept payments online, ePay will simplify the payments experience for you and your residents.

Worry Free Recordkeeping

Detailed reporting and robust analytics allow you to effortlessly find any transaction or deposit and drill down into the details. You can even see all resident payment history with the ability to export for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Benefits of embedded payments with Eldermark’s ePay  

Enhanced your residents’ experience while simplifying payments.

Convenient Billing

Send residents easy-to-pay online invoices for recurring or one-time payments

Expedite Payments

Eliminate the dependence on slow payment methods and boost cash flow without compromising security


Simplify your resident’s payment experience while streamlining your community’s operations and cash flow.

Security and Compliance

Eldermark is certified to the highest industry standards, ensuring your resident data is safe and secure

Multiple Payment Types

Flexible, convenient payment options to easily process credit, debit, and ACH payments online

Simplify Systems

Simplify your community’s operations with the ability to invoice, collect, and manage payments all from within your Eldermark platform

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