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    On-Demand Webinar: Senior Living Marketing Trends We're Watching

    Leadership Forum Webinar Series

    There's no such thing as an unlimited marketing and sales budget — senior living teams have to make the most of your organization's resources. What do you spend it on? What marketing trends, strategy and market dynamics should teams like yours at your community be focusing on?

    Reaching occupancy goals is a major priority, how are teams taking advantage of new strategies and making the most of their marketing tools and budget?

    In this webinar, Eldermark Chief Client Officer Mark Anderson is joined by Crystal Craig, Eldermark's VP of Sales CRM & Digital Marketing, where we take a look into Crystal’s Crystal Ball — what should every senior living marketing budget consider and what strategies have successful teams employed?

    Crystal has presented at national senior living marketing conferences, she'll give you the inside scoop on top digital marketing trends in the senior living industry that are being talked about among leaders in our industry.

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