Cloud Storage Services

Save time, reduce costs, store data, and eliminate human error with a centralized EHR

Eliminate the need to save paper documents and make critical health information instantly accessible to all authorized parties in your professional network in real-time – all while lowering your overhead costs.

Our state-of-the-art, HIPAA-compliant Cloud Storage enables you to securely share health information and documentation between your communities, hospitals, physicians, and other health industry providers with reliable data backup.

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The benefits of centralized cloud data storage

Enhance your residents’ experience with the best cloud storage services while simplifying your payment processes and improving your cash flow.

Go Paperless with Cloud Computing

Eliminate the cost and burden of filing, storing, and securely destroying paper records and metadata with object storage that’s secure, durable, and scalable.

Simplify File Storage

Reduce administrative time, waste, and errors by streamlining document storage capacity.

Peace of Mind and Data Protection

Rest easy knowing that resident information is secure and accessible at all times.

With Cloud Storage, you’ll be able to:


Automate communications

All you need to do is scan your documents using a scanner, desktop, or mobile device and upload them to the cloud. No more faxing. No more mailing. It’s really that simple!

Reduce your workload with cloud backup operating systems

Ease the burden on your team by reducing the time and energy they have to spend filing paper documents. With Cloud Storage online backup, you’ll have a secure, compliant way to share a resident’s personal health records with the pharmacy, ACOs, labs, and more!


Save on storage costs and fees

Say goodbye to rows of filing cabinets and cluttered workspaces. Cloud Storage meets all HIPAA regulations, eliminating your overhead costs to store stacks of paper health records for 7 years.