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    Improve Occupancy with the Right Senior Living CRM Software

    Extend the reach and impact of your sales and marketing efforts

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult to target the right people at the right time to generate new leads for your community and meet your occupancy targets. There are more options than ever for seniors and their families to find their perfect community. This is why it’s so critical to leverage a solution that will make your team more effective and help you stand out in the crowd.

    By using a CRM tailor made for senior living professionals, you can focus your time on leads that are more likely to move in, spend your budget more effectively, and get predictive analytics on how to achieve your goals. And by automating mundane tasks and recording keeping, your team will be able to spend more time on occupancy and revenue generating activities instead of managing your database.

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    The benefits of CRM

    The best CRM platforms will seamlessly connect your sales processes and data entry from marketing and sales all the way through resident move-in, your team will be able to continually improve customer interactions driving occupancy results.

    Amplify Your Reach with CRM Solutions

    Empower your team to improve customer support by connecting with prospective residents and their families quickly and on the channels they prefer to use.

    Improve Performance of Your Sales Team

    Track communication of your sales reps and campaign performance to know what’s performing and where you can get the strongest ROI on your budget.

    Drive Productivity with Contact Management

    Improve communication workflows and processes to convert early discussions faster, generate more tours, meet potential customer needs with follow-ups, and get more residents to move in.

    Reduce Third-Party Referrals

    Save your community from inflated third-party referral fees by capturing leads when they first interact with your marketing efforts, not referral sites.

    Do More with Less

    Improve the effectiveness of small sales teams that cover multiple sites and facilities by automating mundane, redundant tasks.

    Centralize Information with Management Tools

    Keep your team on the same page with customer information, marketing performance, and sales progress reports all in one dashboard.

    With Eldermark’s CRM, your team will be able to:


    Meet and maintain census goals by simplifying sales team operations

    Give your sales and marketing teams the tools they need to work more effectively and efficiently. By eliminating redundant tasks and reducing the time they spend managing their lead database, you’ll empower your team to create more campaigns, spend more time with prospective residents, and generate more leads and tours.


    Turn data into actionable insights for the customer journey

    When you connect your CRM with the rest of your marketing efforts, like your advertisements, email marketing automation, website, and referral sites, you’ll be able to generate a complete picture of how you’re tracking against your goals. And with Eldermark’s state-of-the-art, predictive analytics suite, you’ll always know what you need to do to meet your occupancy goals.


    Improve marketing Campaign performance

    By centralizing your sales process and marketing efforts into a single platform, you’ll be able to track performance trends, communication and responses, and conversion rates to understand what’s driving the most move-ins for your community. This lets you use data, not gut feelings, to refocus your time and budget on the programs that have the highest ROI.


    Work from anywhere with mobile-friendly business processes

    Your team won’t always be working from the office. Give them the flexibility they need to access all their sales data from wherever they are in real-time. Our mobile-friendly assisted living CRM will put their entire prospect database in the palm of their hands so they can easily review notes before a meeting, log a call on the road, and manage their task list.