On-Demand Webinar: Demystifying Your Data

How to Effectively Manage and Use Data at Your Community

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Everyone is talking about data. It’s the most powerful currency in the world and, when used effectively, will change your business, improve resident care, and drive revenue in new and meaningful ways. However, there is so much data available to assisted living communities that it can be daunting to try and dig through it and put it to use for you and your residents.

In part 1 of our Senior Living Data webinar series, we’ll demystify your data, show you what you should be (or could be) tracking, and give you the insights you need to explore what is possible for your community.

This webinar will cover:

  • What is data and where does it come from?
  • What data do you currently have and how do you track it?
  • How do you decide what to measure?
  • What do you need to create actionable insights from data?

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Meet our Presenter:

Mark Anderson | Chief Client Officer | Eldermark

Mark brings 25 years of operations and management experience in senior living to the table. He is active in multiple local and national associations serving the industry and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Elder Justice Center. As a user of the Eldermak platform for 10 years before joining our team, he is able to share real-life experiences utilizing data to make informed decisions.