On-Demand Webinar:
Putting it all Together

The State of Data Management for Senior Living

If you’ve been following our Senior Living Data series, then you’ve seen the value that data and actionable insights can bring to your community! We provided an overview of data and actionable insights, a deep dive using sales and marketing data, and now we’re putting it all together so you can start building your own data roadmap!

For part 3 of our webinar series, we were joined by two experts in the senior living industry to talk about the current and future state of data. You’ll hear from Peggy Scoggins (Owner and Consultant at Adept Selling), and Dr. Lisa Moon, PhD-NI, RN, LHIT, CCM (Founder and CEO of Advocate Consulting LLC). In this recording, they’ll cover:

  • The current state of data in senior living
  • What’s on the near and far horizon
  • Our predictions on the data you will need for success

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Meet our Presenters:


Dr. Lisa Moon, PhD-NI, RN, LHIT, CCM

Founder & CEO

Advocate Consulting LLC


Peggy Scoggins

Owner and Consultant

Adept Selling


Mark Anderson, LALD

Chief Client Officer



Crystal Craig

Client Solutions Director