On-Demand Webinar:
Minnesota Licensure Regulation Changes – August 2021

How Eldermark Solutions Can Support your Newly Required Compliance Efforts

In August 2021, the state of Minnesota released new Licensure Regulation Changes related to many aspects of senior living communities, including plans for emergency and disaster preparedness, missing residents, and termination and discharge; reviews assessments and monitoring; residents with dementia; staffing; and much more.

In an effort to help all communities impacted by these requirements, we’ve put together a webinar* that highlights the critical changes you’re facing and how our solutions can support your updated compliance efforts.

This 60-minute webinar will cover:

  1. New areas of compliance requirements
  2. Best practices to support your compliance efforts
  3. How we’ve updated our software to align with these changes
  4. Q&A with Minnesota Senior Living Professionals

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*This webinar was reviewed by members of both Care Providers of Minnesota and the Office of Health Facility Complaints at the Minnesota Department of Health to ensure the content was based on a general understanding of what’s required within the new rules.

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Meet our Presenters:


Mark Anderson, LALD

Chief Client Officer



Courtney Rule, BSN

Professional Services Specialist