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    Eldermark Partners with WorldView on Digital Forms for Senior Living Communities

    ‘ElderForms’ streamlines processes and eliminates reliance on paper

    MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., November 30, 2022 – Eldermark, an acclaimed healthcare technology provider for the senior care industry, today announced a new partnership with document management company WorldView on a new electronic forms product for the senior care industry.

    “ElderForms” allows senior living organizations to simply convert paper-based residency agreements and other documentation to accessible, fillable electronic forms. Users can utilize field formats such as alpha, numeric, checkboxes, date pickers, signatures and more, while accessing forms anytime, from anywhere. ElderForms offers unlimited, secure email delivery, allowing forms to be reviewed, executed, and returned with just a few clicks. Or resident customers and responsible parties can sign documents with their finger on a touchscreen device. 

    "ElderForms is another innovative solution from Eldermark that addresses an unmet need in senior living. It removes the hassle of manual documentation, boosts operational efficiency for senior centers, simplifies regulatory compliance and improves bottom line performance through saved workforce time,” said Jaime Ojeda, President & CEO of Eldermark. “Senior care operators rely on us for the technology to help their communities run more smoothly and efficiently, and ElderForms is another powerful operations tool in our extensive portfolio.”

    With ElderForms, senior living communities can onboard more residents, utilize digital storage for the documentation, and save on operational costs associated with paper, printing, labor and payroll.   The new product can also help ensure the completeness and compliance of forms, eliminating penalties for incorrect or missing information. ElderForms also provides e-signature capabilities to make enrollment and other processes quicker and easier for residents and their families, as well as for senior living staff.

    Matthew Moore, President and CEO of WorldView, added: “At WorldView, our goal is to go beyond basic document management to create unique solutions for unique operational needs. We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve Eldermark and the senior care community with expanded features that further demonstrate our commitment to providing complete process automation.”

    For more information on ElderForms, contact Eldermark.

    About Eldermark

    For nearly thirty years, Eldermark has empowered senior living leaders to centralize their clinical and business operations onto one platform, revolutionize care models, capture new revenue and proactively manage their communities. Eldermark’s end-to-end solutions enable organizations to work more efficiently and achieve financial objectives — all to focus on what truly matters, delivering superior healthcare outcomes and resident experiences.

    About WorldView

    WorldView Services Ltd. is a cloud-based document management service provider offering secure, content services solutions that enable organizations to store, manage, and share vital information between employees, vendors, partners, and customers. With decades of experience across a multitude of industries, WorldView’s global view of business process automation allows it to provide a full suite of end-to-end, integrated solutions for software platforms as well as consultation and customization for end-users. Today, WorldView tracks, routes and stores over half a billion documents for thousands of healthcare professionals across North America. For more information visit

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