Senior Living Occupancy Calculator

How this calculator works:

This is how the calculation for an assisted living community aiming to meet census goals is proposed: An assisted living community aims to fill its accommodations. The calculator considers the current occupancy, monthly attrition (vacancies), and a year-end goal. It estimates the number of inquiries, leads, and sales needed, factoring in conversion rates from inquiries to leads and leads to sales.




Inquiries Needed:

Leads Needed:

Sales Needed:


What you need to know about the Assisted Living Census Goal Calulator

  1. Current Occupancy:

    Considers the percentage of accommodations currently occupied in the assisted living facility.

  2. Monthly Attrition:

    Represents the monthly attrition rate, indicating the percentage of accommodations that become vacant each month due to various reasons such as residents moving out.

  3. Year-End Occupancy Goal:

    Sets a target occupancy rate the facility aims to achieve in the following 11 months, expressed as a percentage.

  4. Calculation:

    Calculates the gap between the current occupancy and the year-end goal, considering the impact of monthly attrition over the remaining months of the year. The result is the sales needed to cover the current gap plus the sales needed to cover the next 11 months of attrition.

  5. Sales Needed:

    Estimates the number of sales or move-ins required to fill the gap, factoring in the assumption that a certain percentage of leads (potential residents) will convert to actual sales.

    The "Sales Needed" in the explanation refers to the total number of sales or move-ins required to achieve the year-end occupancy goal. It is not specified as a monthly or yearly requirement in the context of the explanation. However, the calculator itself is designed to estimate the number of inquiries, leads, and sales needed over the remaining months of the year to meet the year-end goal. The assumption is that the calculations are spread over the remaining 11 months, making it more of a monthly estimate to track progress toward the annual target. The results provided by the calculator represent an estimate for the entire period until the year-end goal. So, in short, the "Sales Needed" output from the calculator is aligned with the yearly objective, but the calculations consider the remaining months of the year.