Risk Management & Resident Safety 

Identify risk analysis opportunities and respond to resident condition changes in real-time.

In the dynamic environment of senior living, staying ahead of incidents and accidents is crucial for resident safety and operational efficiency. The Risk Management app within Eldermark NEXT transforms how senior living communities monitor, report, and analyze such events. 

Designed to integrate seamlessly with all other Eldermark NEXT apps, the Risk Management app allows for real-time input of incidents through user-friendly, pre-built surveys. This not only ensures accurate data collection, but it also provides your team with immediate insights into trends, helping to identify root causes and prevent future occurrences.

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Benefits of Eldermark NEXT Risk Management

A modernized, integrated risk management program that enhances response times, care outcomes, and the quality of life for residents and their care teams.


Early Detection and Prevention

Detailed reports and analytics help identify patterns that enable your community to mitigate risk and enhance resident safety.


Streamlined Reporting and Response

Intuitive surveys simplify the incident documentation process, giving your caregivers more time to focus on the residents and their care needs.


Data-Driven Decisions

Actionable insights and real-time data helps to optimize operations and lead to more informed decisions about staffing, care plans, and safety measures.

What Your Team Can Do with Eldermark NEXT Risk Management:

Improve Resident Safety and Well-Being

Proactively addressing incidents and accidents ultimately reduces the occurrence of emergencies, therefore enhancing the safety of your residents. This approach also strengthens trust with their families.

Optimize Operations and Reduce Costs

By closely monitoring and analyzing incident data, you can streamline the risk management processes across your senior living community. Those insights allow you to allocate resources more effectively, reducing unnecessary expenses. 

Help to Maintain Compliance and Enhance Reporting

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with streamlined incident reporting and comprehensive data analysis. This can make it easier for teams to maintain compliance, prepare for audits, and help your community better adhere to the highest standards of care and safety.

Efficiently Conduct Resident Safety Investigations

The automatic notification system alerts all relevant parties to initiate investigations. This level of immediate communication ensures all necessary steps are taken swiftly to address and fix any issues.

Identify Safety Trends and At-Risk Residents

Our sophisticated dashboards and reports help your team uncover critical incident trends and identify residents at the highest risk. It not only pinpoints the time and location of each incident, but it also details the staff involved, offering a clear view of the care and safety within your community.