Eldermark Unveils New and Improved Point of Care App for the Senior Care Industry

New tool helps simplify care and improve patient outcomes

MINNETONKA, Minn., June 24, 2021 – Eldermark, an acclaimed healthcare technology provider for the senior care industry, announced today the launch of its new “Eldermark POC 2” application, available for iOS and Android devices.

“With the release of the new Point of Care app, we’re making the job of every caregiver and provider easier – and now on their preferred devices,” said Eldermark CEO Jaime Ojeda. “The enhancements we made in this new app enable our customers to better track and manage operational data so they can improve their clinical services, streamline their operations, and increase profitability, all while increasing resident and family satisfaction.”

With Eldermark’s Point of Care, senior living communities see an increase of 230% in their captured unscheduled services, equating to an average of $25,000 of previously missed revenue per quarter. In addition, caregivers report an additional 20-30 minutes of saved time per shift.

Point of Care helps communities identify missed revenue by capturing scheduled and unscheduled services in real-time. Clinicians and caregivers can work in the app both online and offline. Eliminating both paper dependence and human error, the app functions the same across operating systems, which minimizes the hardware limitations that historically have plagued the senior care industry.

Eldermark Chief Client Officer Mark Anderson added, “The expanded application of our software to a wider range of mobile devices delivers effectiveness and efficiency for nurses and caregivers, while capturing critical data for the operation to continually improve care for their residents. With these additional options, we enable users to exercise creativity in how they organize their work and their workflows in service to their resident customers.”

Eldermark users can expect two more planned app releases for POC 2 during the next few months that, among other things, will bring mobile Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) capabilities to their devices. Eldermark POC 2 is available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Learn more at Eldermark.com.

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