Piles of paperwork? See how a paperless workday is possible at your community! Save time, simplify, and improve your resident experience. Learn more.

Simplify and Centralize Community Management

Proactively manage your community instead of putting out fires

By centralizing all your work and using powerful reporting capabilities, you’ll quickly see what’s working and what isn’t so you can finally get ahead of issues before they become huge problems. Plus, you’ll give your team actionable insights into how to most effectively manage your business so there’s more time to focus on residents and your bottom line.

Our mobile-friendly solutions are built with your staff’s responsibilities in mind. Reports, dashboards, notifications and more will keep your team on top of every day-to-day task from large to small. Whether it’s back office operations, medication administration, or planning your meals and programming, these responsibilities can pile up or get overlooked without the right tools in place.



Easily generate reports from every aspect of your community from one screen – billing, clinical, EMAR, Marketing and more


Cloud Storage

Eliminate the need to save paper documents and make critical health information instantly accessible to the entire care team


Risk Management

Standardize and manage your intervention strategies to minimize resident risk and track performance against your quality goals

“Eldermark has been a huge time saver for our company. It has so many awesome functions. Pretty much if you can think it, Eldermark has a way to make it happen and they are always improving on the user experience.”


Quality Auditor

Medium provider of assisted living services


Everything you need to successfully manage your community

As a team of former operators, directors, and nurses, we know exactly what you need from your partners and solutions to make decisions, measure performance, and get ahead of challenges before they impact your staff or residents.

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive technology suite that lets you monitor your clinical and operational performance in real-time and manage your business from the palm of your hand.