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    Improve Occupancy with Marketing Automation Software Solutions

    Generate more leads and close more deals

    Nothing has a bigger impact on your success than your ability to achieve and maintain census goals. But with so many competing priorities for sales and marketing teams, it can be difficult to prioritize the tasks that generate leads, move-ins, and revenue.

    By adding Marketing Automation to your toolbelt, you’ll improve your bottom line by making it easier to close more deals while saving money on agency overhead. Start reinvesting your time and budget in the marketing tactics that create stronger results like content creation, email marketing, social media, and so much more!

    And if you’re not looking to bring additional marketing efforts in-house, our Digital Marketing Experts who specialize in senior living marketing strategies are available to help with as much or as little of your programs as you need.

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    The Benefits of Marketing Automation

    By automating redundant, mundane, and repetitive tasks, you can spend more time with prospective residents to generate more tours and move-ins.

    Improve Occupancy and the Customer Experience

    Give your sales team the tools they need for lead management to spend more time with prospective residents, providing tours, follow-ups, and filling their pipeline.

    Spend More Effectively with Automation Workflows

    Utilize marketing automation solutions to track spending, attribute revenue, analyze conversion rates. Measure and improve the campaigns and communications with a marketing automation strategy that drives early conversions and tours.

    Improve Marketing Campaign Approaches

    Gain access to best-of-breed tactics and approaches for campaign management that are designed specifically for senior living.

    With Our Marketing Automation Platforms, you’ll be able to:


    Optimize your marketing processes

    Save valuable time each day by automatically creating customized, industry-leading marketing content that can be scheduled in advance and published through the most effective channels for your community.

    Supported Channels:

    • Email campaigns
    • Inbound Marketing
    • Pay-per-click ads
    • Website
    • Social media to organic and paid audiences
    • Blog postings
    • SMS/MMS text campaigns

    Take control of your digital marketing stack

    Gain access to best-of-breed marketing tools all within a single platform. This lets you leverage the collective power of our solutions and services so you can put more marketing dollars towards programs with proven results instead of endlessly paying for agency work with no transparency and minimal ROI.


    Qualified lead generation

    Partner with the companies leading the way in marketing automation and new customer acquisition for senior living communities. You can leverage syndicated and organic, relevant content created specifically for your community, and our tested strategy will drive awareness and deliver new and qualified prospects to your sales pipeline in real-time.