A Full-Service  Digital Marketing Solution Designed for Senior Living

E-Media is a targeted solution that can turn your new community profitable in 11 months.

Discover how your organization can elevate its marketing and hiring practices. 

Introducing E-Media, Eldermark’s comprehensive digital marketing solution designed specifically for the senior living industry. Our full-service approach helps your community engage more prospective residents, optimize your marketing spend, and enhance your digital presence — all through one integrated platform.

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The Benefits of a Full-Service Marketing Solution

As a comprehensive marketing tool, E-Media offers a range of benefits, from enhancing your marketing strategies to streamlining your operations and driving your community's growth.

Senior Living Expertise

Senior Living Expertise

E-Media was designed specifically for senior living communities. It has been tailored to help you face all the most common marketing challenges in senior care.

Seamless Integration with Eldermark CRM

Seamless Integration with Eldermark CRM

E-Media’s seamless integration with the Eldermark NEXT CRM ensures that every interaction with a prospect is tracked and stored for future use.

Support Your Sales Team

Support Your Sales Team

Empower your sales force with tools that capture and nurture more leads, leading to more meaningful engagements with prospective residents.

Local to Regional Insights

Local to Regional Insights

Gain a clear view of how your community is perceived both locally and regionally, with detailed analytics that help you make informed marketing decisions.

Optimize Every Dollar

Optimize Every Dollar

Leverage real-time data to continuously track campaign performance, so you know your marketing budget is spent on tactics that deliver the highest ROI.


Compliance With Industry Regulations

Our tools are designed with the senior living market in mind, which means they are up-to-date with any major changes in industry regulations.

With Eldermark’s E-Media Tool, You’ll Be Able To:

Streamline Lead Management

E-Media integrates seamlessly with the Eldermark NEXT CRM to automate and streamline the lead management process. This integration allows your sales team to track and nurture leads more efficiently, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Create Captivating Content

With E-Media, your team can produce content that truly resonates with your audience. Expert-driven strategies ensure that your marketing messages are tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of senior living community prospects.

Maximize ROI With Data-Driven Insights

E-Media provides real-time analytics and reporting on your marketing campaigns, allowing you to see what's working and adjust strategies accordingly. This means every dollar you spend is optimized for maximum impact.

Expand Your Local and Regional Reach

Understand and enhance your digital footprint with comprehensive analytics that cover local and regional performance. E-Media helps you identify opportunities for growth and increase your visibility where it matters most.

Cut Unnecessary Expenses

By enhancing your in-house marketing capabilities, E-Media empowers your community to attract prospective residents directly, reducing or eliminating the need for third-party referral sources such as A Place for Mom. 

Geofencing for Precision Marketing & Recruiting

The advanced geofencing capabilities mean you can target prospective residents and staff in specific locations. This allows for more personalized advertising, improving both resident acquisition and staff recruitment efforts.

How E-Media Helped Mount Angel Towers

In an industry where occupancy rates fluctuate and marketing budgets are tight, understanding how to allocate your funds for maximum impact is crucial. Discover how E-Media helped Mount Angel Towers craft a marketing strategy that fit their budget and boosted their ROI. 

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How E-Media Helped Mount Angel Towers_Webinar

FAQs About E-Media

E-Media is crafted specifically for senior living communities, combining industry expertise with advanced digital marketing tools to address senior care challenges like occupancy and operational efficiency.

While results can vary, many clients begin to see a significant impact on their marketing effectiveness and community engagement within the first few months of implementing E-Media.

Yes, E-Media is designed to integrate smoothly with various digital tools and platforms, including CRMs.

Absolutely! E-Media’s geofencing capabilities are perfect for targeted marketing campaigns aimed at recruitment, helping you attract qualified staff as efficiently as you do residents.

Eldermark offers comprehensive support, including initial setup, ongoing training, and a dedicated service team to ensure you get the most out of our offerings.