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    Eldermark Product Update: On-Boarding Guides

    As you may have read in our previous newsletter, we are working on updating core Eldermark products with web-based technology. We are very excited to share with you the latest feature of the Modernized Product that was recently debuted in our Early Innovator Programs: our interactive, on-boarding guides!

    This new feature that will be available across all modules (Clinical, CRM, EMAR, Finance) and will help with training new team members in the system according to their role in the organization.

    Our new on-boarding guides will help any team get accustomed to using Eldermark every day.

    At first-time login, the guide will walk you through the different features, explaining how to use them and how to interact with them. The guides support the use of multimedia tools, including videos, GIFs, images, and links to additional resources, making them very versatile and comprehensive for all types of learners.

    The Resource icon (also introduced as part of this session) will show your progress through the on-boarding guides and allow you to revisit walkthroughs if you have any questions. It also links to other educational tools. Like our Eldermark webinars and a connection to our support desk.

    Staffing is a well-known issue in our industry and on-boarding new team members can be time-consuming and expensive. We've heard this from our customers and we hope the additon of these on-boarding guides are helpful.

    As always we'd like to thank our Eldermark Early Innovator Program (EEIP) members for their commitment to assisting us in the continued development of the modernized Eldermark product, and we hope to provide you with more updates soon.

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