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Eldermark offers a total software solution plus 24/7 customer care at an affordable price. Find out how this model is helping facilities succeed in both the short and long term.

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Eldermark business services

Make smarter, more profitable decisions.

Operational analysis and business intelligence are part of our unique services. Whether you’re opening a new building or operating an existing one, we’ll put you on the fast track to success.

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Electronic MARs

Ensure the Six Rights, every time.

EMAR Direct Connect links residents and pharmacy in real time so that the right resident, medication, dose, time, method, and documentation is delivered, every time.

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Nurse Call System

NotifyTM does it all.

The next generation call and communication platform is here. Get Point of Care software, standardized communications on the floor and nurse call alerts in a single powerful device.

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Eldermark HIE

Retrieve clinical data quickly and securely.

Eldermark’s Heath Information Exchange seamlessly moves clinical care documents between facilities, hospitals, physicians and clinics. Discover the beauty and simplicity of Eldermark ExchangeTM.

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Eldermark Software Success Stories

The Bridge at Orlando Success Story
The Bridge at Orlando Success Story
The Bridge at Orlando goes paperless and wins over its nurses, even the "tech reluctant".

Success with Eldermark

Resident Acuity Analysis Creates Revenue
Our service utilization report indicated a steady increase in blood sugar checks at a Midwest provider. The resulting diabetes management program became a marketable standard and a new revenue stream.

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Trending Report Creates Valuable Program
Our service utilization report revealed a steady increase in laundry costs at a large Midwest non-profit. The incontinence management program we designed both improved resident health and reduced costs.

The value of Eldermark services

Staffing Review Saves Money
Our analysis for a Twin Cities company uncovered significant overstaffing. By using our report they cut costs, improved care and achieved 85% efficiency in service time.

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Package Review Uncovers Revenue
Our service package report for a national company revealed runaway memory care costs but a package redesign quickly captured the lost revenue.

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Revenue Recovered Using a Single Report
Our services analysis recuperated over $42,000 annually for one Minnesota provider.

Eldermark services saves money

Epiphany Assisted Living

"All the information I need goes with me wherever I am in the building and everything I need to know to care for my residents is in one place. I don't have to go through different books, charts, etc. and that makes it easy and faster for me."

– Megan, Home Health Aide, Epiphany Assisted Living, Coon Rapids, MN
Epiphany Assisted Living

"Our residents' safety is our number one priority so it only makes sense to choose Eldermark."

– Terri, Epiphany Assisted Living, Coon Rapids, MN
The Bridge Assisted Living

"I was very nervous about our transition to the EMAR system, as it is new to our community and staff. When I saw how easy and straightforward the software is all of my fears were pushed aside. My staff has been able to quickly learn the program and our transition is going incredibly smoothly. We are very excited!"

– Nikki, Resident Care Director, The Bridge Assisted Living
Orchard Hill

"Eldermark ties Resident Care, Marketing and Executive positions together so we can spend more time with residents and less at our computers. We can check on each other's progress and remain current with our census status."

– Elizabeth Weisner, Orchard Hill, Sudbury, MA
Prestige Care

"We love EMAR Direct Connect. It has made staff members confident in their knowledge of residents and their medications. And the Risk Management system has brought a huge sense of relief to our Risk Management team."

– Angela, VP of Clinical Services, Prestige Care Senior Living
Epiphany Assisted Living

"I can't tell you what a time saver the Eldermark system is. It has our staff asking why we didn't do it sooner!"

– Terri at Epiphany Assisted Living, Coon Rapids, MN
Rakhma Homes

"The system's cross-referencing attributes have improved communication across departments and with our vendors."

– Susan Eckstrom, Executive Director, Rakhma Homes, MN
The Glenn at St. Therese

"We use iPod touch at the point of care to substitute centralized, manual data entry. This wonderful new way of recording care and services not only saves us the expense of paper and labor but it has improved the quality of data."

– Matilda, Administrative Assistant, The Glenn at St. Therese, Minnetonka, MN
Rakhma Homes

"Eldermark is exceptional software, providing easy and affordable access to electronic health records. It has vastly improved time management and quality initiatives by allowing us to document resident care in real time and with abundant detail."

– Susan Eckstrom, Executive Director, Rakhma Homes, MN
The Glenn at St. Therese

"We increased revenues after just the first month and by streamlining processes we almost instantly improved quality of care. We love the change from paper to iPod touch."

– Matilda, Administrative Assistant, The Glenn at St. Therese, Minnetonka, MN
Fox Ridge

"Eldermark has been wonderful to work with. Their training process is nothing short of phenomenal. Our trainer stayed with us during the entire process and still to this day calls or emails to check on us. Their support line is so quick to answer with no waiting time and always manages to fix the problem within minutes."

– Teresa, Administrator, Fox Ridge, North Little Rock, AR
Rakhma Homes

"We couldn't be more satisfied! The support team has guided our staff step-by-step, from start-up through ongoing daily use to ensure our 100% satisfaction. We highly recommend Eldermark."

– Susan Eckstrom, Executive Director, Rakhma Homes, MN
Ecumen Senior Housing

"Eldermark has been a very responsive company to work with. They are progressive, supportive and readily available for troubleshooting."

– Pat, Ecumen Senior Housing

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