Improve medication management accountability and efficiency with EMAR

Save time and reduce errors with EMAR—the only Electronic Medication Administration Record designed specifically for the senior living community environment.

Eldermark’s EMAR software permits real-time electronic communication between your clinical data base and your primary pharmacy—improving care and workflow efficiency by supporting the Six Rights of Medication Administration: right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, right time and right documentation. Eldermark’s EMAR is interfaced with all commonly used pharmacy software systems and is the preferred EMAR by pharmacies serving senior living communities across the country.

Achieve the complete electronic health record

Achieve the complete electronic health record

Seamlessly integrated with other Eldermark software, EMAR completes resident electronic health record (EHR) by supplementing clinical assessments, service care plans and the balance of the EHR with an electronic record of all medication management information.

Increase efficiency and improve care

Current clients report freeing up more than 20 hrs. per nurse per month after implementing EMAR.

  • Eliminate month-end reconciliation workflow
  • Improve safety by placing all information required by direct care personnel in one comprehensive location for quick access
  • Make refilling medications as easy as the click of a mouse
  • Capture potential errors before they are realized
  • Provide real-time monitoring of potential duplicate med orders, timely PRN medication administration documentation, missed medications and more
  • Manage the count and accountability of narcotic medications automatically
Increase efficiency and improve care
Achieve regulatory compliance and safety

Achieve regulatory compliance and safety

Via secure login, EMAR creates data reports and medication administration auditing tools, records real-time medication documentation associated with each caregiver and contributes to caregiver confidence in the performance of medication administration—all with 100% HIPAA compliance.

“After adopting the EMAR module, we significantly reduced our medication error rate.”

-Terri, Executive Director, Epiphany Assisted Living

Number of medication errors after eMar adoption

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